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LJ, so hott right now!

I'm diggin the new format of LJ. It's pretty sick like whoa. Haven't gotten around to playing with all the tricks and stuff but I will... oh yes.

Facebook is also getting all the craze right now. They got the new notes section which allows you to submit your blog feed. And they have a good privacy policy so it will not end up like MySpace (A community recognized as a stepping stone for pedafiles and stalkers.) And plus I've always enjoyed how you are able to submit pictures and share them so easily with facebook. 

As far as my life goes. I started taking the bus to work and it's saving me tons of money. I plan on moving up to Bellevue sometime in the near future. Note ote to self... Traffic is a bitch. Don't do it again. When I go on the bus everyday there are always different types of people. The people like me. People trying to get to work without paying an arm and a leg for gas. The 15 yr old white wannabe gangsta braggin about kickin people's asses and cops harassing him. I think he needs some attention from his parents.... or from anyone. The foriegn lady who goes grocery shopping with her 3 kids. She's cool. The guy who always wants to talk to somebody, even if you don't want to talk. I ignore that guy. The dude on his cell phone who talks so loud everyone can hear his conversation. If you can live with all these different types of people the bus is definetly a good place. It gets me cultured, it helps the roadways by getting another car off the road as well as keeps the car emissions out of the air, less risk of accident, and instead of driving in the traffic and getting road rage,  I can play my DS Lite or read or sleep. The moral of the bus: It's good to ride the bus.

Everyone is going back to school too, including my mentor. I'm thinking about going back too, maybe around winter quarter. Most of my work is CS related and am regretting not continuing further in that field. But for now I'm just gonna not go to school. Yeah that sounds good.


June 2007

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