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Hi LJ, I'm Back

Wow has it been a long time. I think I went on some quarter life crisis shenanananagins. Here's an update of my life since i've graduated (will be more frequent updates).

1) Moved back home.
I kind of like living back home for all the benefits it entails such as: free food, no rent, free laundry, free food, save money, and more food. Some people would say, "You live back hom and your 22." I have no shame. I don't care about that.

2) I got a job.
I'm doing what I've always wanted to do. I'm doing web development. It's cool that I get to make websites all day long, but after my first couple months training I've realized I don't know even a speckle of what it means to be web developer. It's pretty freaking crazy insane coding of the apocolypze. You have to know all these coding languages, graphic programs, business logic, and then combine it all together to make a piece of the web.... which might be useful. Well anyways, I'm getting paid so that's cool.

3) LDR... long distance relationship
This sucks a lot. I mean, the relationship doesn't suck, it's the fact that we're so far apart that sucks.

4) DS Lite
I got one now. Because I got my hands on some money, i was able to purchase my own DS Lite, which is the sweetest little machine ever invented.

Hmm... well... I guess that's it. 4 things that's really happened since I've graduated.

ps. I need some new music to listen to badly! The radio repeats songs so much i think im going to kill myself. if you read this, help me out and send me anything you think I should listen to (not james blunt). thanks.... ninjai


Hey Steve, welcome back to LJ!

You're just starting out your career as a web developer. When I started doing what I'm doing I realized that there was plenty about networks and the internet in general that I did not understand. You pick up on things as you go and before you know it you're an expert.

Also, the DS Lite is very much sick. Many people at my work have them.

June 2007

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