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Jun. 19th, 2007

Self Made Man: One Woman's Journey into Manhood and Back

... is an interesting read. It follows the authors experiment to go undercover and dress up as a man and throw herself into different situations where she could observe men from a mans point of view for over a year. She joins a bowling league, goes to strip clubs, even dates women as her counterpart Ned. She finds out as many truths about women as well as she does men. Some people find out she's a woman and react differently, some are relieved and some are dissapointed. She analyzes gender differences in an honest and funny at times way. It's a good book if your open and not gender biased.

Apr. 19th, 2007

The Gut Project

Candice and I both got memberships to LA Fitness and have been working out for about a month now. Our goal is to get six packs by this summer so we can sport the shirtless stuff. It's going pretty well, considering I had a nice keg of a gut when I first started out. Now I have like half a keg left to lose and I think I can see an ab. Also all this working out has given me some ideas for some workout webapps i think im going to create. Like a logger, workout sheets, or social networking site (just for kicks). I'll have to expand on those later. 

Butchyeah LJ why is there ads now? wtf...

Apr. 18th, 2007

Movie Review: The Namesake

I wanted to review this movie because my own life can relate to a lot of the scenarios from this movie. Being born in America and my mother being a first generation immigrant, it’s like I have this whole other side to me that I barely even know. Growing up in the States with no real sense of other cultures, sometimes it was embarrassing to be part of my family, and I let them know that a lot, and I regret it. After seeing this movie it’s easier for me to see that it happens to a lot of immigrant families. I realize all the sacrifices that my parents made for my siblings and me to have better opportunities especially living in America instead of the Philippines. I realize it shouldn’t embarrass me and am glad for my family.

The Namesake is about a first generation Indian couple moving to America dealing with culture clash. Ashoke and Ashima have children and decide to raise them in America to give them limitless opportunities. Conflicts between traditional Indian culture and the American way of life surface as the children grow older. Gogol would be happier not being Indian but tends to stay open-minded. Only when tragedy strikes does Gogol find his true identity.

This movie stars that Indian dude from Van Wilder and surprisingly he pulls off a good drama movie. The whole of the movie spans over the years of his parents from the time his father wanted to come to America. We get to see the side of the parents, which is not normally the case in most movies, and compare it with the side of the children. Ashima the mom has the most difficult time assimilating and feels that America is a very “lonely” country to raise her children, but raises them there anyway. Gogal (Kal Pen) grows up very Americanized and rebels against his parents constantly. He is always being pushed by his family life to be more like a traditional Indian and being pushed by American society to be more American. It’s a struggle and we see that his name changes when his identity changes.

Overall the movie was good, but I think it will be really good to those who have family who are immigrants or have raised a family and dealt with the stress of generation gap and assimilation.

Sep. 8th, 2006

LJ, so hott right now!

I'm diggin the new format of LJ. It's pretty sick like whoa. Haven't gotten around to playing with all the tricks and stuff but I will... oh yes.

Facebook is also getting all the craze right now. They got the new notes section which allows you to submit your blog feed. And they have a good privacy policy so it will not end up like MySpace (A community recognized as a stepping stone for pedafiles and stalkers.) And plus I've always enjoyed how you are able to submit pictures and share them so easily with facebook. 

As far as my life goes. I started taking the bus to work and it's saving me tons of money. I plan on moving up to Bellevue sometime in the near future. Note ote to self... Traffic is a bitch. Don't do it again. When I go on the bus everyday there are always different types of people. The people like me. People trying to get to work without paying an arm and a leg for gas. The 15 yr old white wannabe gangsta braggin about kickin people's asses and cops harassing him. I think he needs some attention from his parents.... or from anyone. The foriegn lady who goes grocery shopping with her 3 kids. She's cool. The guy who always wants to talk to somebody, even if you don't want to talk. I ignore that guy. The dude on his cell phone who talks so loud everyone can hear his conversation. If you can live with all these different types of people the bus is definetly a good place. It gets me cultured, it helps the roadways by getting another car off the road as well as keeps the car emissions out of the air, less risk of accident, and instead of driving in the traffic and getting road rage,  I can play my DS Lite or read or sleep. The moral of the bus: It's good to ride the bus.

Everyone is going back to school too, including my mentor. I'm thinking about going back too, maybe around winter quarter. Most of my work is CS related and am regretting not continuing further in that field. But for now I'm just gonna not go to school. Yeah that sounds good.

Aug. 29th, 2006

(no subject)

This weekend Kat came to visit. We went to tour UW because she's thinking about going their for pharmacy school. UW is so big we didn't cover even half of it. We took a couple photos down by the fountain.

Kat shows off her big muscles

Steve soars through the air like Mary Poppins.

I'm a ninja.

Aug. 22nd, 2006

Hi LJ, I'm Back

Wow has it been a long time. I think I went on some quarter life crisis shenanananagins. Here's an update of my life since i've graduated (will be more frequent updates).

1) Moved back home.
I kind of like living back home for all the benefits it entails such as: free food, no rent, free laundry, free food, save money, and more food. Some people would say, "You live back hom and your 22." I have no shame. I don't care about that.

2) I got a job.
I'm doing what I've always wanted to do. I'm doing web development. It's cool that I get to make websites all day long, but after my first couple months training I've realized I don't know even a speckle of what it means to be web developer. It's pretty freaking crazy insane coding of the apocolypze. You have to know all these coding languages, graphic programs, business logic, and then combine it all together to make a piece of the web.... which might be useful. Well anyways, I'm getting paid so that's cool.

3) LDR... long distance relationship
This sucks a lot. I mean, the relationship doesn't suck, it's the fact that we're so far apart that sucks.

4) DS Lite
I got one now. Because I got my hands on some money, i was able to purchase my own DS Lite, which is the sweetest little machine ever invented.

Hmm... well... I guess that's it. 4 things that's really happened since I've graduated.

ps. I need some new music to listen to badly! The radio repeats songs so much i think im going to kill myself. if you read this, help me out and send me anything you think I should listen to (not james blunt). thanks.... ninjai

Apr. 13th, 2006


hi blog. i've basically been a ninja for the last couple months and stuff, but now im back with cool ninja skillz.

let's get updated though:
1st off, basically i've been spending most of my time with this wonderful amazing super awesome lady. she makes my day. She goes mrawr.

2nd I'm graduated. My graduation was on the 18th of March. I couldn't have asked for more love from my family and friends. I'm so glad. I'm done with homework forever. But now i have to find a job. ugh...

3rd, I'm lookin for a job.... sorta....

4th, FASA conference last weekend was off the hook as usual. It was so tiresome but very worth it. I loved the showcases. Simply amazing. Say Bellingham!... Bellingham!

5th, My b-day was on the 6th. I'm 22 and I don't feel old at all. In fact, I feel like im 16 all over again.

Dec. 24th, 2005

happy christmas!

christmas dinner at my bro's place this year. it really felt like christmas with so many people. i think the fam is still pondering going to midnight mass, but i think we might end up relaxin and trying to digest the turkey. we consumed very strong coco rum balls as well. the in-laws were cool, i found out they were from blaine and go to bham all the time, so we chatted about bham and jumping off cliffs, planes, and hang gliding.

here is a snowflake for u: http://snowflakes.lookandfeel.com/viewflake.php?id=10344362
make a snowflake for someone because the karma panda will give u good fortune: http://snowflakes.lookandfeel.com/

Dec. 23rd, 2005

u put the 'punk' in punctuation

life is going pretty much. << [good
it is christmas eve eve and im looking forward to some chocolate rum truffles
my bro said he's giving me his car, that is top notch
i have that warm fuzzy feeling going on...
but its raining dogs and cats and mouses and mices and all sorts of rodents
xmas shopping is completed...
im piss broke...
aren't we all?

Dec. 16th, 2005

to the mountain

Went to the mountain yesterday and I loved it but it killed me. The sun coming up over the mountain, the scenery was amazing. I can’t get enough of it and i've never boarded so good before, did a couple tricks over the boxes. But there is some sort of balance up at the mountain cursing my ass to hit the ice. I have the biggest pelvic bruise ever but i didn't fall very much at all until the 2nd half of the day. mountain ying yang eh? hmmm... mmmm... hahahahahahaha. pizza! zima! that always fixes the pelvis. huh? okay....

anyways. i think im rossi. haha... mwhahaha! cheeeeeeeeeese! wait, what's rossi again?

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